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Skier and Stumböck Guide Matthew Irvin - enjoying an epic powderday in British Columbia

Meet Matthew Irvin

Mar 23, 2017Comments off

Name: Matthew Irvin Date and Place of Birth: December 16th 1990, Vancouver BC Current Profession: Stumböck Ski Guide and Designer of Colorshape Clothing Where is “home” for you?: Home will always be in Kimberley, where I grew up;

Interview with Alexa Hohenberg, founder of Still Stoked

Meet Alexa – the woman making her dre...

Jan 13, 2017Comments off

Name: Alexa Hohenberg Date and Place of Birth: I was born in London, I’m 32 years old! Where is “home” for you? I make my base on Manly Beach Australia nowadays! I became an Australian citizen in 2016! Professions: To

Pow Day

Get ready to ski!

Dec 24, 2016Comments off

This is how I spend my time waiting for this winter’s first big snowfalls to arrive: Working out in order to be “ski fit”, when the first big dumps finally coat the mountains with tons of

Workout for surfers

Surftrip to Bali – my prep exercises

Sep 27, 2016Comments off

In a month from now I will be sitting in a line up, catching my breath from yet another fun ride, the balinesian sun warming my back and my legs dangling in the warm waters of

exercises on a stability ball for more balance, strength and coordination

Stability Balls – My favorite functio...

Sep 12, 2016Comments off

I don’t know why, but I just looove stability balls!!! (Also known as swiss, balance, fit or physio balls.) May be it’s because of their smooth, plump, “unedgy” and slightly clumsy appearance and their overall harmless

Low carb protein muffins with chia seeds

Italian spiced low carb protein muffins

Sep 06, 2016Comments off

Super easy to prepare, absolutely yummi and full of protein! 🙂 This is what you need: 4 eggs 4 egg whites 2 tablespoons of chia seeds 1 middle sized onion 1 handful dried tomatoes 100 gr

Halteübungen zur Kräftigung der Rumpfmuskulatur

12 Minute Core Workout for Bikers

Sep 05, 2016Comments off

There are at least three good reasons why core exercises should be part of any bike-specific workout: 1. Performance: The most powerful legs will not be able to actually transmit all their power onto the pedals,

Full Body Workout for Surfers

Full Body Workout for Surfers – Nr. 1

Jul 22, 2016Comments off

A full body workout, because, while surfing, your whole body is on fire! When paddling out to the line up and paddle-sprinting to catch a good wave, the muscles in your arms and shoulders will be

Full Body Strength and Flexibility Exercises

A surf workout for biker?! Part Two

Jul 01, 2016Comments off

In order to avoid postural strain injuries, bikers should compensate the forward flex position they are in while sitting on their bike, by paying extra attention to the muscles on the posterior chain of their body and by stretching

Exercises for a strong back

A surf workout for biker?! Sounds strange? ...

Jun 28, 2016Comments off

Why not try a totally different workout for a change? In order to avoid muscular imbalances, it is actually a good idea to integrate some exercises into your workout routine, which specifically engage those muscles, you