Enjoy your passions and live life to the fullest!

We know that time is a critical factor in life, especially when you’re passionate about mountain- and/or watersports.
Unfortunately, we cannot bring the mountains or the ocean to your doorstep, but what we can do is to help you to be best prepared for the next opportunity to escape daily life and pursue your passions.

Your passion is our motivation!


Skiing and surfing – these are the sports that get our blood flowing and our hearts pumping!

Our story began in Bali where we met the first time. We soon realized that we do not only share the love for our passions -surfing and skiing – but also the love for food, the sense of humour and our hometown Munich.

When we randomly met again in Austria on the first powder day of the season – we both thought “That must be destiny!”

Since then we used to meet up regularly for a coffee or for a run & workout to get fit for our next adventures.

During this time we came up with the idea to design workouts, specifically focusing on the needs of skiers and surfers. We are convinced that, with the right workout, everyone can get physically ready to enjoy their passions to the fullest.

Patrizia surfing - good friend and former co-founder


good friend and former team member

Age: 29

Education:  degree in economics (B.A.) and in law (LL.M.).

Things I love: nature, surfing, skitouring & freeride, healthy food, cooking, dark chocolate, family and friends

Fun Fact: scared of certain fishes and with that, guarantee fun and laughter on a surf trip. 😉

Our friend Patrizia played an important role in developing the idea Njoyrides stands for. We thank you very much for your help, your ideas, your motivation and the great time we had working together on this project!

Nadine Founder Njoyrides



Age: 33

Education: Degree in International Business and Cultural Science (M.A.), Master Personal Trainer (DFLV)

Things I love: skiing, surfing, my husband, family and friends, and really dark chocolate

Fun Fact: Cannot live without my daily dose of chocolate and sports … 😉