Marian Lösch - Freerider

Get ready now – Ski Workout von Njoyrides

Photocredit: Klaus Listl – Freerider: Marian Lösch   +++ English Version Coming Soon! +++ This 60 minute video ski-prep-workout will help you get ready in time for the upcoming skiing season so that you’ll be able to make most of … Continue Reading

Njoyrides Last Minute Surf Workout

ca. 45 min video based workout for surfers focussing on shoulders, back and legs required equipment: fitness mat or towel, pair of dumbbells or two water bottles for anybody who needs to get fit just in time for his/her next … Read More

Fit2Surf Workout Tipps – Core Strength

Today we will show you a combination of three exercises targeting specifically the front and side parts of your core. Your core muscles are involved in any kind of complex movements. They act as stabilizer, transfer energy and strength from … Read More

Black Rain

Deus Ex Machina presents us a short film by Andy Gough – “Black Rain” starring  Harrison Roach. The Australian and his Twin fin seek shelter from a tropical rainstorm  and find it in the barrels of some nice hollow righthander. … Read More

Beatdown Weekend!

The famous Surf- and Bodyboarding spot THE Wedge, located in Newport Beach, California, provided some hefty beatdowns and adrenaline this weekend during a solid south swell. The Vid shows what serious commitment is needed to make it out of this … Read More

Fit2Ski Workout Series

+++ English Version Coming Soon! +++ 8 week video based training for skiers ca. 60 min per workout, including warm up and cool down focussing on core and leg muscles progressing in difficulty / intensity from workout 1 to 8 … Read More

Skier and Stumböck Guide Matthew Irvin - enjoying an epic powderday in British Columbia

Meet Matthew Irvin

Name: Matthew Irvin Date and Place of Birth: December 16th 1990, Vancouver BC Current Profession: Stumböck Ski Guide and Designer of Colorshape Clothing Where is “home” for you?: Home will always be in Kimberley, where I grew up; however, in the past … Continue Reading

Interview with Alexa Hohenberg, founder of Still Stoked

Meet Alexa – the woman making her dreams come true!

Name: Alexa Hohenberg Date and Place of Birth: I was born in London, I’m 32 years old! Where is “home” for you? I make my base on Manly Beach Australia nowadays! I became an Australian citizen in 2016! Professions: To pay the bills I … Continue Reading

Get ready to ski!

This is how I spend my time waiting for this winter’s first big snowfalls to arrive: Working out in order to be “ski fit”, when the first big dumps finally coat the mountains with tons of fresh powder. 🙂 Whether … Continue Reading

Workout for surfers

Surftrip to Bali – my prep exercises

In a month from now I will be sitting in a line up, catching my breath from yet another fun ride, the balinesian sun warming my back and my legs dangling in the warm waters of the indian ocean … … Continue Reading