Njoyrides Last Minute Surf Workout

ca. 45 min video based workout for surfers focussing on shoulders, back and legs required equipment: fitness mat or towel, pair of dumbbells or two water bottles for anybody who needs to get fit just in time for his/her next … Read More

Fit2Surf Workout Tipps – Core Strength

Today we will show you a combination of three exercises targeting specifically the front and side parts of your core. Your core muscles are involved in any kind of complex movements. They act as stabilizer, transfer energy and strength from … Read More

Workout for surfers

Surftrip to Bali – my prep exercises

In a month from now I will be sitting in a line up, catching my breath from yet another fun ride, the balinesian sun warming my back and my legs dangling in the warm waters of the indian ocean … … Continue Reading

Halteübungen zur Kräftigung der Rumpfmuskulatur

12 Minute Core Workout

There are at least three good reasons why core exercises should be part of any workout: 1. Performance: The most powerful legs and arms will not be able to actually transmit all their power in the way you want them … Continue Reading

exercises on a stability ball for more balance, strength and coordination

Stability Balls – My favorite functional workout tool

I don’t know why, but I just looove stability balls!!! (Also known as swiss, balance, fit or physio balls.) May be it’s because of their smooth, plump, “unedgy” and slightly clumsy appearance and their overall harmless and kind of playful … Continue Reading

Full Body Workout for Surfers

Full Body Workout for Surfers – Nr. 1

A full body workout, because, while surfing, your whole body is on fire! When paddling out to the line up and paddle-sprinting to catch a good wave, the muscles in your arms and shoulders will be the ones you’ll probably … Continue Reading

Full Body Strength and Flexibility Exercises

A surf workout for biker?! Part Two

In order to avoid postural strain injuries, bikers should compensate the forward flex position they are in while sitting on their bike, by paying extra attention to the muscles on the posterior chain of their body and by stretching out the body’s frontside … Continue Reading

Exercises for a strong back

A surf workout for biker?! Sounds strange? It’s not!

Why not try a totally different workout for a change? In order to avoid muscular imbalances, it is actually a good idea to integrate some exercises into your workout routine, which specifically engage those muscles, you need least for the … Continue Reading

Full body workout targeting strength and proprioceptive skills

Blackroll-Full Body-Workout for Surfers

Most of us will know the Blackroll as a tool for self myofascial treatment. But there is more to it! With this workout we will show you, how you can use the Blackroll to build up the strength and balance … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Gleichgewichts-, Rumpf- und Beinübungen fürs Surfen

Ready to Shred!

Your shoulders are perfectly trained for paddling and your core is ready for take-off!   Now its about your ability to perform correctly on your board… … Continue Reading