Ski Workouts

Video-based workouts for skiers

Njoyrides Ski Workout

8 week video based training for skiers ca. 60 min per workout, including warm up and cool down focussing on core and leg muscles progressing in difficulty / intensity from workout 1 to 8 required equipment: fitness mat, pair of … Read More

Get ready to ski!

This is how I spend my time waiting for this winter’s first big snowfalls to arrive: Working out in order to be “ski fit”, when the first big dumps finally coat the mountains with tons of fresh powder. 🙂 Whether … Continue Reading

Halteübungen zur Kräftigung der Rumpfmuskulatur

12 Minute Core Workout

There are at least three good reasons why core exercises should be part of any workout: 1. Performance: The most powerful legs and arms will not be able to actually transmit all their power in the way you want them … Continue Reading

exercises on a stability ball for more balance, strength and coordination

Stability Balls – My favorite functional workout tool

I don’t know why, but I just looove stability balls!!! (Also known as swiss, balance, fit or physio balls.) May be it’s because of their smooth, plump, “unedgy” and slightly clumsy appearance and their overall harmless and kind of playful … Continue Reading

Snow Yogi

Yoga für Skifahrer und Snowboarder

Wer denkt, dass Yoga nur für Hausfrauen und Esoteriker geeignet ist, liegt eindeutig falsch. … Continue Reading

Mini Ski Intervall für zwischendurch

Mini Ski Intervall für zwischendurch

Bereite deine Beine auf das vor, was sie demnächst erwartet: … Continue Reading

Gleichgewichtsübungen fürs Skifahren

Bist du well balanced? – Hier sind unsere Top 5 Gleichgewichtsübungen für Skifahrer!!!

Die unberührte pulverige Neuschneedecke glitzert verlockend in der Sonne und wartet nur darauf, dass du den ersten Powder-Turn der Saison ziehst. … Continue Reading