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Photocredit: Klaus Listl – Freerider: Marian Lösch


+++ English Version Coming Soon! +++

This 60 minute video ski-prep-workout will help you get ready in time for the upcoming skiing season so that you’ll be able to make most of the winter right from the start!

Predominantly focussing on the muscle groups of your legs and core, challenging your sense of balance and getting your heart rate up with one or the other interval drill, the “get ready now” ski prep training program specifically targets the muscle groups that will be needed most while skiing.

All exercises can be done with little equipment and little need of space right in front of your TV or laptop. Though not strictly necessary, we recommend using a blackroll and a loopband for best training results.

Do this workout at least twice a week for 4-6 weeks and be ready to ski, when winter arrives at your doorstep.


+++ English Version Coming Soon! +++

Link to the Workout:

Get ready now – Skiworkout von Njoyrides

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