Stay in a surf camper at your favorite spot for as long as you like - without missing the comfort of your own bed

Waking up at first light to the sound of waves crushing on the nearby beach and the warm summer breeze rich with the smell of freshly cooked coffe coming in through the open window … Lazily you open your eyes to see whether the surf is worth getting up for just yet and your are beeing greeted with the dazzling turquoise of the pacific ocean glittering in the early morning’s sunlight just a couple of meters away from your campervan’s window…

the perfect surf trip: travelling around Hawaii in a campervan designed for surfers
© Hawaii Surf Campers

I don’t know about you, but to me this seems like the perfect start into the day! Getting up and being there already: at a beautiful surfspot with nobody else around than you and the friends you brought along for the trip. All you have to do is grab your board and jump in the water. And whenever you feel that it is time for a change of scenery, you just stow away your belongings in your van and hit the road, wondering where you will end up next and what you are going to experience along the way …

If this is the kind of surf holiday you have always dreamed of, I have really good news:
We have met the guy who puts all his energy into making this dream come true! His name is …


Name: Lucas Baggio Pereira
Date of Birth: 9th March 1990
Nationality: Brazilian
Currently living in: Waialua, Located on the north shore of the island of Oahu, Hawaii
Hobbies: Traveling, Surfing, Playing with my dog, eating in different places, watch movies with popcorn, drink coffee
Favorite Surf Spots: Not going to tell you! haha just kidding I really like Rocky point and Ehukai beach park
Profession: Founder Hawaii Surf Campers, Burn’s Clothing Correspondent and Master student of Sustainable Development at Hawaii Pacific University


Stay in a surf camper at your favorite spot for as long as you like - without missing the comfort of your own bed
© Hawaii Surf Campers – Lucas Baggio Pereira


Grown up in Brazil he has been a surfer himself for the biggest part of his life and has gone off exploring the world’s surf spots whenever he had the chance. It was during a trip to New Zealand and Australia that he dicovered his favorite way of travelling : Independently and spontaneously, discovering new places or chasing the swell, without worrying about leaving or turning back anywhere in time … Enjoying the freedom of living the moment without planning ahead while indulging in the comfort an appartement has to offer. Whether it is a comfy bed, fresh coffee in the morning or not having to carry your belongings around in a heavy backpack – it is travelling in a campervan which can offer you all that!



Going wherever you like - and ahve your surfboard with you at all times
© Hawaii Surf Campers


Having chosen the beautiful hawaiian island of Oahu as his new home, the idea of setting up a campervan business right here, slowly took root. With lots of coast line and a tropical climate all year round, Oahu offers one of the most beautiful sceneries for chasing the perfect wave.



Lucas Baggio on fire
© Hawaii Surf Campers – Lucas Baggio Pereira


As Lucas himself spends as much time in the water as possible, it will be hard to find anybody who knows Oahu’s surf spots better than he does … Being the founder of Hawaii Surf Campers, his customers can be sure to be given the best possible advise. This makes it even more likely that your dream of a perfect surf holiday could come true with Hawaii Surf Campers in Oahu …



The perfect surftrip with Hawaii Surf Campers
© Hawaii Surf Campers


You are curious and want to know more about travelling with Hawaii Surf Campers? Check out the website or contact Lucas directly:


Here is more about Lucas and surfing in Hawaii!

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