Sunset Surf in Hawaii

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I’m Lucas Baggio and I am stoked to be partnering with njoyrides! I’m super excited for what is yet to come. I want to say a big thanks to the people that read thru the article .

While we are here in Hawaii waiting for another amazing winter I will try to provide a little bit of our lifestyle, tips, advices, and curiosities so you can plan your dream trip to paradise! Not just in surfing but also Hikes, Beaches, Diving, etc.

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Explore Hawaii with Hawaii Surf Campers


The first time I’ve been to Hawaii was in 2008 and I came here for an exchange program called work experience, which students would come and work for a few months, enjoying one last month of vacation before going back home.
I used to work at food court in the University of Hawaii as sushi man. When the return time arrived, I felt a little bit empty, I had a feeling that I really wanted to stay longer on this place.


Back in Brazil I turned all my life around in order to find an affordable way to go back to Hawaii, I was still on my first year as an university student, that means I had to find a way to afford school. After a lot of research and digging into programs, people, etc. I found a scholarship that would give me the opportunity of at least a year on the undergraduate program at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu.


I worked in different companies; I had to move cities in Brazil in order to get into the school that would offer me that opportunity. In December 2011 I was finally back in Oahu without any plans of going back home. At University I met a guy, that today is a really good friend of mine, that wanted to live on the north shore. He was a professional kite surfer, we moved in together so we could enjoy our sports and learn from each other.


Chasing the best waves all over Oahu with Hawaii Surf Campers


During our time here, we got to experience many different surf spots other than the conventional ones on the north shore, such as pipeline, rocky point, off-the-wall, etc and the vibe was just amazing, driving to those places trying to find waves around this island, in the middle of the pacific.


One time, one of his old times kitesurfing competitors, a funny goofy guy from England came to visit us and became super good friends with me, we also carry a good friendship until nowadays. We used to talk about how good would be to just live right on a surfing spot or how amazing would be to just wake up right next to a perfect wave during our years over here. It was just a dream.


Surfing, snorcheling, hiking - Oahu has a lot to offer! Explore teh hawaiian island with Hawaii Surf Campers!

In 2 of our school breaks (in 2012 and 2014) I got the chance to travel to Australia and New Zealand with a few friends and I was just amazed by how the camper van business were established over there. (Until then had never seen something like that before, meaning I had no idea what a camper van was).


The structures, the creativity, varieties, the vibe, everything would just match together, and I created a dream about travelling in one of those, experiencing a real adventure and roots of a surf trip, without loosing too much of comfort, like a bed, a nice warm coffee in the morning, and space to keep my stuff organized.


During my years after those trips I made countless projects and plans to travel with one of those but then, after graduation came to me, I found myself working a lot and being helpless towards any of those plans, so talking to that old friend from Englans, that I met in Hawaii, we decided we should bring that experience and feelings, to adventurous, travelers, hikers, and surfers coming to Hawaii.


So we decided to bring a little old school vintage vibe to it, it was the rough beginning of Hawaii Surf Campers. I’ve flown around the islands to purchase our first van and got it shipped over here to work on it, and after several months we started doing it, when another opportunity came to our door, having an extra van for emergencies would be a great idea (he said) so we had our second bus, this would be a little company start up.


Sunset Surf in Hawaii

The idea that came from the mobility around Australia and New Zealand, just fitted perfectly into the island of Oahu, which is a relatively small place, meaning that you can be basically anywhere in a matter of a couple hours drive, and you have coast line all around you, where you can score endless waves. You just have to look for it.


Add the good Hawaiian waves, sky blue water to tropical warm climate all year long, and you just have the perfect scenario to be driving around living an adventure. Whether is finding a waterfall, hiking huge green mountains, or looking for a perfect wave.  In this date we are in the developing stage of Hawaii Surf Campers, doing everything to spread the word that we are here.


In parallel with this project, I’m working on my masters program at university, and representing Burn’s clothing, a 100% Brazilian made surf wear brand.


Watching the waves on Oahu's shores


I just love how I got the chance to breathe and feel surfing vibes on my day by day life, being with a group of surfers that are renting one of the vans, or putting a Burns sticker on my boards.


I like to see people’s smiles when we show them the features the van has, the kitchen supplies, the places where they can go to, and how free they are to go explore. The most rewarding part is listening what type of adventures they went into, and how much they enjoyed having the van with them.


Surfsessions with friends on Oahu


Finally, that is how we ended up meeting, and that is how I’m here now writing this text! For now that is what I have for you guys, I hope our story is a little bit interesting and excites and inspires anyone to take same actions towards something you believe in.


Thank you and Mahalo everyone that have read throughout the whole text, and we will be meeting here shortly with more content from Hawaii and other places.




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