• ca. 45 min video based workout for surfers
  • focussing on shoulders, back and legs
  • required equipment: fitness mat or towel, pair of dumbbells or two water bottles
  • for anybody who needs to get fit just in time for his/her next surftrip
  • Language: German and English



Designed together with sports-physiotherapist Géraldine Reitz and tested by Surf Coach Marius Meißner, this Last Minute Surf Workout specifically focuses on the muscle groups that will be challenged most during your upcoming surf trip.

The workout mimics the movement patterns you do in the water and thus brings “surfing” right into your living room. The exercises specifically target the muscle groups you need for long paddle outs, quick take offs and powerful manouvres on the wave.

This surf workout consists of a warm up, an exercise part and a cool down.

The exercise part is divided into three blocks of 5 to 6 exercises and two interval drills in between.

Each block starts with exercises focusing on your “paddle”muscles. Here you will work on building up the paddle strength and endurance you need to get out to the line up and into the waves. The following exercises will then target the muscles you need for powerful and quick push ups and take offs. Finally the focus of the exercises shifts onto the legs, which will kick into action once you are one they wave. The exercises will often include rotational movements in order to challenge your core and lay the basis for powerful maneuvers.

Between these blocks there will be short but spicy interval drills to get your heart rate up and prepare you for short but intense paddle sprints.

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