Gleichgewichts-, Rumpf- und Beinübungen fürs Surfen

Your shoulders are perfectly trained for paddling and your core is ready for take-off!   Now its about your ability to perform correctly on your board…


Good balancing skills and strong legs are paramount. In addition, every maneuver requires rotating movements of the upper body.


The following three exercises help you to train your balance and also build up the necessary strength in your torso and legs.




Übung zur Schulung des Gleichgewichts und zur Kräftigung von Rumpf und Beinen
© njoyrides, picture taken in the M.I.S.S. Fitness Sportstudio München


Practice: three sets, holding the position for a long as possible.

  • Stand on the ball (the helping hand of a training partner is a definite advantage)
  • As soon as you have found your balance, move into a knee-bend keeping your back straight (your bum pushes back, whilst your upper body tips slightly forward and your back stretches).
  • Now bring your out-stretched arms beside your ears and reach up, so that they become an extension of your upper body.
  • Hold this position for as long as possible. You should definitely feel a strong sensation in your leg muscles, although your torso and shoulders will also be affected by this exercise.



Rotationsübung zur Kräftigung des Rumpfes
© njoyrides, picture taken in the M.I.S.S. Fitness Sportstudio München


Practice: three sets with 15 repeats

  • Set the cable to its lowest position.
  • Select a weight with which you are comfortably able to manage 15 smooth rounds.
  • Position yourself beside the cable at a slight distance.
  • Hold the handle with both hands and allow your arms to stretch out almost completely.
  • Important: tense your stomach muscles and ensure that your pelvis points forwards throughout the exercise.
  • Direct the cable handle through a rotation of your upper body from diagonally downwards to diagonally upwards.
  •  With just as much control, bring it back into the starting position.


Tip: a Gym band is also just as effective for this exercise.



Balanceübung auf instabiler Unterlage
© njoyrides, picture taken in the M.I.S.S. Fitness Sportstudio München


This exercise hardly feels like training, rather triggering playground memories from childhood. 🙂

Practice: Try to balance on the roll a few times whilst carrying out controlled movements without upsetting your balance.

Tip: If you don’t have access to a foam roll of any kind, you will find a tree trunk can be just as effective.


Hier findest du weitere Workout-Ideen zur Vorbereitung auf den nächsten Surfurlaub:



Wir hoffen, dass wir dir mit unseren Workout-Tipps bei deiner Vorbereitung auf den nächsten Surf-Trip weiterhelfen konnten!

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Please note: the exercises we describe involve very intense bodily strain. Before embarking on these exercises, it is crucial that you undertake a thorough warm-up program. If the exercises are not properly carried out, you stand the risk of injury.The exercises should only be carried out by healthy individuals. Training whilst ill is of little benefit and can lead to further ailments (for example, issues with the heart muscle). So please, only train when you feel good. If you are unsure, please contact your doctor in advance.The exercises should only be carried out on suitable ground with the appropriate equipment.If you should injure yourself due to neglect of these recommendations, we cannot accept responsibility.We are instructing sport here. Our exercises are no replacement for a healing treatment or physiotherapy. If you require treatment, please contact the relevant specialist.
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