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  • 8 week video based training for skiers
  • ca. 60 min per workout, including warm up and cool down
  • focussing on core and leg muscles
  • progressing in difficulty / intensity from workout 1 to 8
  • required equipment: fitness mat, pair of dumbbells (or two bottles of water), miniband, blackroll*
  • good overall fitness is recommended

*(all exercises can be done without any of the above mentioned equipment. For best results we recommend the use of it, though)


The njoyrides fit2ski workout is an 8 week ski prep video training program.

Designed together with sports physiotherapist Géraldine Reitz and tested by pro skier Marian Lösch, this 8 week ski prep training program specifically targets the muscle groups that will be challenged most during the upcoming skiing season.

We aim at bringing skiing right into your living room by challenging especially the muscles of your core and legs with exercises that can be done with little equipment and little need of space right in front of your TV or laptop.

This 8 week ski prep training program consists of 8 different workouts, each to be done at least twice within one week. From the first to the last workout the exercises will progress in difficulty and will thus help you to work step by step on building up the strength, cardio and coordinationative skills you need for long and powerful runs.

Get ready in time for the upcoming skiing season!

+++ English Version Coming Soon +++




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