Get ready to ski!

This is how I spend my time waiting for this winter’s first big snowfalls to arrive: Working out in order to be “ski fit”, when the first big dumps finally coat the mountains with tons of fresh powder. 🙂 Whether … Continue Reading

Full Body Workout for Surfers

Full Body Workout for Surfers – Nr. 1

A full body workout, because, while surfing, your whole body is on fire! When paddling out to the line up and paddle-sprinting to catch a good wave, the muscles in your arms and shoulders will be the ones you’ll probably … Continue Reading

Gleichgewichts-, Rumpf- und Beinübungen fürs Surfen

Ready to Shred!

Your shoulders are perfectly trained for paddling and your core is ready for take-off!   Now its about your ability to perform correctly on your board… … Continue Reading