Workout for surfers

Surftrip to Bali – my prep exercises

In a month from now I will be sitting in a line up, catching my breath from yet another fun ride, the balinesian sun warming my back and my legs dangling in the warm waters of the indian ocean … … Continue Reading

Full Body Workout for Surfers

Full Body Workout for Surfers – Nr. 1

A full body workout, because, while surfing, your whole body is on fire! When paddling out to the line up and paddle-sprinting to catch a good wave, the muscles in your arms and shoulders will be the ones you’ll probably … Continue Reading

Sunset Surf in Hawaii

Hawaii Surf Campers – Backstage

Hey Guys what is up? I’m Lucas Baggio and I am stoked to be partnering with njoyrides! I’m super excited for what is yet to come. I want to say a big thanks to the people that read thru the … Continue Reading

Stay in a surf camper at your favorite spot for as long as you like - without missing the comfort of your own bed

Hawaii Surf Campers – a dream come true

Waking up at first light to the sound of waves crushing on the nearby beach and the warm summer breeze rich with the smell of freshly cooked coffe coming in through the open window … … Continue Reading

Gleichgewichts-, Rumpf- und Beinübungen fürs Surfen

Ready to Shred!

Your shoulders are perfectly trained for paddling and your core is ready for take-off!   Now its about your ability to perform correctly on your board… … Continue Reading

Push Up and Take Off!

This is about preparing our muscles for (hopefully) numerous and successful Take-Offs … Continue Reading

Mikey Wright Welcome Vid für Traktor

Mikey Wright – Pure Surf Power!!

Das Mikey Wright Welcome Vid für Traktor wirkt wie eine Adrenalinspritze direkt ins Herz! … Continue Reading