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Enjoy your passions and live life to the fullest!

Skiing, snowboarding and surfing – these are the sports that get our blood flowing and our hearts pumping! Unfortunately, we don’t get to ski and surf all year round, which is why we try to make the most of every single day we can spend on our skis or boards.

In order to do that we make sure to be physically well prepared for upcoming snow-and surfadventures, so that tired muscles won’t stop us. 🙂 Thinking that there are more people like us, not wanting to miss out on a single day on their favorite ride, the idea came up to design workouts, specifically focusing on the needs of snow and surf addicts- in order to help them njoy their rides to the fullest!

We know that quite often time is scarce, especially when you’re passionate about mountain- and/or watersports and thus dependent on the whims of nature.

Unfortunately, we cannot bring the mountains or the ocean to your doorstep, but what we can do is to help you be best prepared for the next opportunity to escape daily life and pursue your passions.

Our experts, GĂ©raldine, Marian and Marius, are real experts in their field. With the input of their profound experience and expertise, njoyrides is able to design workouts which exactly meet your specific needs as a surfer or skier.

Your passion is our motivation!


Nadine Founder Njoyrides



Age: 33

Education: Degree in International Business and Cultural Science (M.A.), Master Personal Trainer (DFLV)

Things I love: skiing, surfing, my husband, family and friends, and really dark chocolate

Fun Fact: Cannot live without my daily dose of chocolate and sports … 😉


Yoga Teacher

Age: 35

Education: Fitness Trainer (B), Yogateacher (RYS200)

Things I love: Surfing, Snowboarding, Yoga, Mountains, Beer

Fun Fact: Beer after Yoga or Sports is never wrong

GĂ©raldine - Sport Physiotherapist

GĂ©raldine Reitz


Age: 30

Education:  Physiotherapist, Sports Physiotherapist

Things I love: snowflakes, snowboarding, beach life, surfing, my men,family and all kind of dogs

Fun Fact: guaranteed laughter with my clumsy personality, I need sports

Marian Lösch Freerider

Marian Lösch

Free Skier

Age: 27

Education: Freeskier, Sportsman, B.A. Communication Science

Things I love: Family, Friends, Sports

Fun Fact: I sometimes prefer hardpack to powder

Sponsors: Dynastar, Lange, Look Bindings

Marius Meissner

Marius Meißner


Age: 23

Education: Surfinstructor Lvl. 1, Yogateacher (RYS200), BSc Scientific Principles of Sports

Things I love: Surfing, Snowboarding, Ocean, Mountains, Adventure

Fun Fact: I hate swimming

Patrizia surfing - good friend and former co-founder


good friend and former team member

Age: 29

Education:  degree in economics (B.A.) and in law (LL.M.).

Things I love: nature, surfing, skitouring & freeride, healthy food, cooking, dark chocolate, family and friends

Fun Fact: scared of certain fishes and with that, guarantee fun and laughter on a surf trip. 😉

Our friend Patrizia played an important role in developing the idea Njoyrides stands for. We thank you very much for your help, your ideas, your motivation and the great time we had working together on this project!